Friday, April 11, 2008

the special frog

This is the luxury frog. It is made of some kind of ties which are GUCCI , HERMES, GIORGIO ARMANI etc... It has siblings. They are also splendid.

I received it when I left from Japan. One of the pharmacist who is my admirer's wife gave it to me. Flog is Kaeru in Japanese. Pronunciation of Kaeru( 蛙 flog) is same sound of Kaeru帰る go home, come back). People wish that prosperity, good people, and precious things will be back to place in origin safety into Kaeru.

When I go back to my county I am going to have luxurious memories and safety way to go home without a wealthy bank account

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

my comfortable place

I have my comfortable place in my hometown. It takes five minutes from my house by car. When I get off a car, I smell aromatic coffee and I hear jazz. There is a coffee shop which is called Cafe Karam. I found the shop about 3 years ago. This shop is cozy and small plus little bit difficult to find it. Inside, there are many kinds of beautiful roasted coffee beans and a coffee bartender. He is the person who makes special coffee carefully. He is called "master". He does everything for serving a cup of coffee. He chooses beans carefully,considers about roasting time, roasting temperatures, water, water temperatures, how to drip, dripping times. He told me that he made effort to serve a cup of coffee for seven years. So his cups of coffee are absolutely great color, perfect smell and taste.

However he is not a serious man, he is talkative and very friendly. Whenever I go there I sit at a small counter, have cups of coffee, chat with usual costumer and a coffee master. It makes me relax and satisfy. In addition, he cooks very well. Some times I get secret menu which aren't coffee. This happening makes me more happier.